Fazzari Construction Inc. Is a Walla Walla building contractor  specializing in
Custom Homes and Remodeling . Ed Fazzari owner

The business started in 1947 by my father and I am still going strong today.  
Homeowners dreams are placed in our hands and it is up to us to see that dream
become a reality.

This is my 36th yr, its the only job i have ever had and still love it.

I am fully involved from start to finish on each individual home. I'm a hands on
contractor . We specialize in quality craftsmanship and impeccable finish work.
Customer satisfaction means everything to me. I work with the homeowners in
listening to their wants and needs and will also be honest in the reality of there
future home.

Quality is everything to me i still use plywood on my walls, floors and roofs.
My walls are strait and plumb always
Who can say that today!
Every home or remodel is my baby, I want everything to be perfect, my reputation
is everything to me.
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  • We've been in business for over  62 years
  • Quality products used
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fully licences and bonded
Fazzari Construction Inc.
Ed Fazzari
1423 Garfield
Walla Walla Wa 99362
509-525-3601 Office
509-301-5935 Cell


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